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Build your own Bobtail

Price: $56,250.00
SKU: Bobtails
Build your own Bobtail
Build your own Bobtail
Intermountain truck re-builders had been in business since 1992, building hundreds of bobtails. ITR is focused mainly on safety, quality, and repairablity. With ITR's "Build your bobtail" option, you can chose between 50 custom options to build you dream bobtail today!
Standard Features
Tank Options: 3200 80"
Deck Options: 3-Piece Framed Aluminum Deck with Aluminum Dimondplate Fenders
Deck Finishes: Mill Finish
Pump Options: Corken 3" pump
Hose Reel Options: Hanny steel hose reel
Lighting kit options: Truck Light LED lighting kit
Remote Shutdown Options: Base single function remote shutdown
Chock Block Holder Options: Chock block holder with safety yellow aluminum wheel chocks
Paint Options: White Tank With Black Plumbing and Frame
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